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COVID has brought to light the inequity in healthcare access and encouraged people to explore non-institutional, community-based forms of care. Among LGBTQ+ people, this has been a long running issue — from the AIDS crisis that changed an entire generation and the ongoing policy changes around gender-affirming healthcare, as well as complex mental difficulties that affect them disproportionately.

From June 1 — July 31 2021, we will be donating 50% of our proceeds from this collection to For the Gworls [Read our interview with…

Women entering and engaging with the art world once proved to come with societal obstacles, as women were excluded from contributing to intellectual discourse and denied leadership roles in the name of tradition. As artists, they were overshadowed. For so long, opportunities in the art world had been exclusive to men — whether it be becoming renowned artists, partaking in salons, or gaining power through the act of collecting art.

Yet, stories of notable female patrons extend back to the Ancient World. In spite of the climate of art being hostile towards women, they worked within the limitations placed upon…

This article was originally published on in March 2021.

Hannah Wilke, Venus Pareve (1982–84). Photograph © Scott Rudd Events.

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month has not been around for too long– in fact, this month actually originated as a week-long celebration. In 1981 congress passed Pub. L. 97–28, which authorized and requested President Ronald Reagan to proclaim the week beginning March 7, 1982, as “Women’s History Week.”

Six years later, after being petitioned by the National Women’s History Project, Congress passed Pub. L. 100–9 which designated the month of March as “Women’s History Month.” …

This article was originally published on in March 2021.

Contested Origins

Before Women’s History Month was International Women’s Day on March 8th. How we arrived at this date, however, remains contested. One theory is that a women textile workers’ strike happened in New York City on March 8, 1857 — which was particularly impressive because it was led by young Jewish women like Clara Lemlich who were double-oppressed for their gender and for their ethnicity. The other is that the idea came from Clara Zetkin, editor of the German Social Democratic party’s women’s newspaper Gleichheit, after attending a Bastille Day meeting…

Platonic Intimacy is our campaign on vulnerability in all shades of human relationships. Also, check out guest curators and their exclusive collectionsand Gift guides for the special people in your life

Intimacy in the creative world.

Oftentimes artists depict intimacy by using sexual motifs. Other times artists who run in the same social circles date and marry each other, like Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner. Although these occurrences are common, platonic friendships within these groups are also a common occurrence that is overlooked and rarely talked about. But what is a platonic friendship? This kind of friendship can be defined as the relationship between two…

Platonic Intimacy is our campaign on vulnerability in all shades of human relationships. Also check out guest curators and their exclusive collections and Gift guides for the special people in your life

So Much of “Art History” is Eurocentric.

It’s not just stylistic either; popular European social convention both feeds and creates the answer to questions posed by art, like the ever important “who’s dating who?” or the classic “no homo?”. There exists a world outside this feedback loop however. It’s called the rest of the world. Platonic intimacy, a sort of relationship that takes its name from the philosopher Plato, is not unique to the Western…

This month we’re exploring vulnerability in all shades of human relationships.

In the coming weeks, look out for:

Articles on the intersection of art and intimacy

Guest curators and their exclusive collections

Gift guides for the special people in your life

Maybe a bit better than “bros over hoes”, but not quite there.

“Bros over hoes”, “Hoes over bros” — we often feel the need to compare priorities between our friendships and romances. Of course, it is not only normal but healthy to set different expectations from different people in your life. But what exactly are those expectations for friends and lovers? …

Born in Boston, MA / Works in Hudson Valley, NY

Hanna Washburn’s artist page

Hanna is part of Curina’s current virtual exhibition, Taste of You.

Q. The idea for this exhibition Taste of You came from a larger vein of thinking of intimacy outside of romantic relationships. For example, food rituals with families and friends being a sensual experience yet aromantic. What kind of personal connection do you have to your own work — especially in regards to how tactile they are?

I think a lot about intimacy in my work, and how it relates to process and materiality.


Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico / Works in Dallas, TX

Juan Alberto Negroni’s artist page

Juan is part of Curina’s current virtual exhibition Taste of You.

“I come from a mid-lower class family. Everything had to be shared…Spaces and corners inside the house acquired special importance and became meaningful. We learned to cherish every object and me as a creative child understood the value of each one of these objects, its shape and its placing in the house.

In Puerto Rico’s / Caribbean’s weather cross ventilation is super important, especially in small homes. The Miami window place an important role…

My first delve into the realm of “fake art” was when I was 16. I was in the lobby of my home county’s courthouse (don’t worry I wasn’t in trouble) when I noticed that at some point, whoever was in charge had decided to stop having portraits painted of the judges and instead opt for photographs.

Art talk that is highly opinionated, low on bullshit. Fresh from our staff and emerging artists

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